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Film Indir Incir Receli [Updated-2022]




"the same, &c. if you can send us the same thing." the colonel and mr theodorus van buren returned about two weeks since from washington and i presume it will be necessary that you send the indians that have not been paid, to acta, as you did during the war. how the matter of selain harris, stands with you is not known. it is understood that he was promised 2,000 acres of land and that he has not paid for a single day's hire. the contract was made with him by the government for an annual rent. he says he has performed his part of the contract, has paid for his land, and that he claims the protection of the government. whether he is entitled to it or not he knows not. how the matter is with mr bears, i am at present unable to say, having only received the letter of the latter part of last month. the postoffice has been laid open to him, and he will soon have an answer from me. if he has fulfilled his engagements, or has not, he will be entitled to the protection of the government. it was impossible to furnish a due answer to that letter, because the reply was given to a person not known to the writers of the letter, when it was the practice of the office to give an answer to every letter that came into the office. when you return to your home, recollect the case of the selain harris. he holds of the government, and he has been paid by the government, though he has not had an opportunity to perform all the services which he contracted to perform. he holds of the government, in virtue of the contract made with him by the department of war, for which the money was expended. the address of congress to ameriel lafite was given me last evening. it breathes sentiments of the most enlarged patriotism. it breathes a spirit of enmity to all former existing governments and a spirit of devotion to the one, the first and most sacred of all, that of our common country. the address contains an elegant and most interesting picture of our southern situation and prospects. the true history of the revolution has never been recorded by the pen of a writer so complete and so interesting as this. it is not the luminous and polished production of a polished mind. it is not the deliberate and calculated production of a mind well prepared to appreciate every object which can be viewed in a situation like ours, and fully imb





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Film Indir Incir Receli [Updated-2022]

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